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We Help Females Find Freedom.

Female Entrepreneur Coach

Part of the Investment for Your Freedom
Will Be Used to Help Other Women Find There's .

The Femme Freedom Project (also known as Femme Meets Fortune, because well, Fortune = Freedom) is about helping women across the world become free. We currently donate to RAINN (helps victims of sexual assault) and Hope for Justice (helps victims of human trafficking). If you love an organization that fights for human freedom that you want us to know about, write us below to make a suggestion for our future donations!

A Little About Me!

Hi! Dr. Diane Mueller here!

My friends call me Dr. Diamond. 💎

When I started my first business 15 years ago, I was completely broke. I had multiple debt collectors calling me every day. I did not know if I would be able to keep my lights on at times. It was beyond scary. I have created several highly successful business in the health space. This is my passion project. Because I see the struggle so many women go through with getting their work out to the world, I have created very affordable online business courses. This is part of my mission of helping females find freedom. As a passion project, much of the proceeds are going to helping support organizations that stop human trafficking. May all women, and all humans, be FREE.

Struggling to find balance between work and life?

Feeling discouraged about your business?

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome?

Juggling Financial Stress?

Business Taking a Physical and Emotional Toll?

Have Self-Doubt?

Feeling Uncertain about Your Next Steps in Business?

What Our Clients are Saying

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Dr. Francesca Quinn

“Being an overwhelmed business owner, it was difficult for me to both see the specific problems in my business as well as the best way to solve them. Dr. Diamond provided laser focus for determining where the inefficiencies were. Working with her helped me put systems into place that save me time, prevent overwhelm for both me and my staff and has allowed me to better focus on what I do best – making money and seeing clients. Working with her is a must for female entrepreneurs!”

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