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  1. Mastering Business and Embodying Femininity:
The Commitment Course

After 5 years 49% of businesses fail

Make sure you are one of the ones that thrive!

“Dear Female Leader, are you feeling frustrated with the growth of your business? You’re not alone. Many successful business owners struggle with the same challenges, and that’s exactly why we created our Commitment Course. In this program, we dive into some of the top reasons businesses fail and provide you with the tools to overcome them. You’ll learn how to show up for the work even on tough days, commit to your goals even when the path isn’t clear, build a corporate culture that motivates your employees, and take radical ownership of both the highs and lows of running a business. This is your chance to push through the difficult times and reach the success you deserve. Don’t let frustration hold you back any longer, join us in the Commitment Course and watch your business thrive.”

The Business Commitment Course

To transform your life, you must transform yourself. The same actions
and mindset will lead to the same outcomes. Don’t fall into the trap of
repetition and lack of growth. This is a crucial business success tip.We see so many people fall into the trap of doing the same things and expecting different results.

Attaining your vision and dream requires a new way of thinking and acting. The Commitment Course transforms you into the person capable of achieving your aspirations. Embrace the change to reach your desired life, business success, and happiness.

Can you make these changes on your own? Possibly! BUT, just about every great athlete, CEO, politician and leader that is at the top of their game has one thing in common, they hire and work with teachers, mentors and coaches at every step of their evolution. To get the big picture of how we help our clients transform go HERE.

If you want to get to a higher level in your business and your life, hiring someone that is ahead of you is the fastest most efficient way of doing this.  You can learn more about our group mastermind and one on one coaching programs HERE.

Commitment Course Modules

how to have a business mindset

Module One: What Are You Committing to?

Many people have not clearly defined the parameters of their business/life. Do you want a 6 figure business? Seven Figure? Eight Figure? Why do you need this money? What are your life goals? Do you really need that number to achieve those goals? How many hours do you want to work?

Many people have financial goals and either do not really need the level of wealth that they think to meet those goals or do not understand and feel up for the commitment that is required to meet those goals.

This course starts with asking provocative questions to help you get more of a sense of what you are really deeply committing to.

Module Two The Three Commitments

In this module we will explore these three commitments and how to more deeply integrate their concepts into your life.

Space: Ever have something happen in life where you open the space and then something appears? Many times, in business, we can get so bogged down with the tasks that we do not actually create the space for new customers. 

Future: Do you make your business decisions based upon what is better for you now or later? While it is essential to consider the present, making decisions that are orient to future projections is non-negotiable component of reaching your long-term goals.

Truth: Committing to the truth means to radically see what is in front of us including our mistakes and failings in business. It is so easy for the ego to get in the way and shadow our ability to see poor decisions or judgement calls we have made. The more we can accept the truth that is in front of us, the more we can see a problem authentically and the corresponding perfect solution.

Module Three: Radical Ownership for Your Life

The more you can take radical ownership for every single aspect of your life and business, the more power you have to create your life. Taking radical ownership is not easy and often involves eating some humble pie. Learn more about what we mean by this and how you can use radical ownership to improve your business, your employees and your relationships.

how to have a business mindset

Module Four: The Ebb and Flow of Business

No matter how long you are in business, you will have some months that are financially exciting and others that are less so. This is true in the beginning but thoroughly the growing and scaling process.

Your ability to identify why an ebb happens, stay calm and focused on correcting the problem is essential to your success and the longevity of your offerings.  Learn how to work through the ebbs of business and how to develop an unwavering mindset that allows you to pivot and fix problems quickly.

Module Five: Commitment to All of Your Juicy Parts

As women, there is a tendency to get in our head and make lists. Many of us take showers, reciting our list in our head. It is easy for most of us to see the ever-growing to-do list and scramble in our heads about how we are going to be superwomen and get all the things done.

While getting tasks done is important in business and in life, the state of being and the mindset we have while creating and tasking can make a huge difference with the quality of work that is produced.

Learn more about how to stay embodied in your feminine when you work and the impact that this has not only on your success, but also in your enjoyment.

Module Six: The Goddess Cave

The goddess cave is something you know about but you may have just not called it that. It is that place we go to either internally or externally when we are overwhelmed and are just at our limit. Maybe it is taking a bath, maybe it is turning our phone off, maybe it is hanging with a friend. Whatever it is, the goddess cave is the rejuvenation cave – the place we go to reset ourselves.

While this sounds luxurious it is so easy to fall into a trap of either staying in the goddess cave longer than is needed and then limiting the time needed to really grow our life, or not accessing it enough and producing so much from our analytical mind that we do not have the level of enjoyment that we want in our day to day lives.

In this module we will go further into understanding of the goddess cave and how to really use it efficiently/effectively to fuel your business and your life.

Module Seven: Commitment to Mindset

What do you tell yourself on bad days? When you fail? When you succeed? When you know that you can do better? What is the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up? What are your thoughts when you look into a mirror?

How you answer these questions directly impacts your business and who you are. Learn how to develop the thinking and the mental mindset that queen bosses have.

In this module we will work on how to develop the type of mindset of a queen boss.

Module Eight: Commitment to Health and Peak Performance

To create and truly enjoy a Queen Boss lifestyle, it is important for the body and brain to be at their peak performance. Learn some hacks for maximizing your brain’s capacity and helping your body get to higher and higher levels of performance.

We will look at some of the science/research behind high functioning brain performance and what you can be doing to get the most out of your brain power!

Module Nine: Commitment to a Practice

Commitment to our success and to building our dream life is not just a one-time thing but a recommitment that we make every day. Learn strategies for motivation, for efficiency and the science behind how humans make changes that last. By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of how to structure your day for the highest level of productivity and efficiency.
how to have a business mindset

Module Ten: Fear Versus Intuition

As women, we are blessed with a strong sense of intuition. However, fear and intuition often can feel the same. How do you distinguish between if you are not doing something for your career or life because you are scared of it versus actually having an intuitive sense that it is the wrong thing? 

This is an important distinction as intuition is a powerful thing to guide our lives, but fear can get in the way of our success.

Module Eleven: The Commitment of Letting Go

To grow and scale your business and life, you are going to need help. This means that you will need to let go of tasks that you typically do. This sounds great until someone is doing that task differently than you do. The art of letting go of parts of our business is essential to growth, yet it can be one of the hardest things to do.  Learn how to identify let go of tasks, of toxic relationships and other things in your life that are holding your success back.
how to have a business mindset

Module Twelve: Thoughts Define Your Success

Your thoughts will directly impact your actions. Your actions will directly impact your wellbeing and success. Therefore, one of the fastest ways of becoming more successful begins with your thoughts.  Sometimes it is hard to get a sense of controlling and re-patterning the thoughts. In this module you will learn a proven model to transforming your thoughts which trickles down into the day-to-day actions you take for your success.

Program Investment and Guarantee

Join our online program for $250. Let us know within 7 days if you do not like it and we will give you your money back.  If you want to add on group or individualized coaching learn more and apply HERE.

Business Tips for Success: Developing a Business Mindset

When it comes time to do the things for the business that need to get done, but are not as fun to do, what thoughts go through your head? Ever noticed? If not, take some time to notice the next time you come across that unfortunate task.

Do you find yourself avoiding it? Finding reasons to do other things first? Do you do it so quickly to get it over with that you make mistakes? What are your thought and action tendencies when things get hard or there is a tough conversation to be had?

A strong business mindset is essential
for any female entrepreneur.

What is a business mindset exactly
& can you learn how to have one?

Having a business mindset is a trainable skill. Like any skill, you can learn on your own from trial and typically a lot of error (which only works if you take a moment to reflect and learn from mistakes, of course). This DIY way can be effective, but it can be painstakingly long. Have you ever had a coach or a teacher to learn anything such as a sport, an art, or an instrument? Have you had a mentor give you helpful life advice that saved you time and money?

While I have personally spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on business coaches and streamlined courses, I have made way more than this by applying all that they taught me. I believe I could have learned it on my own, but it would have been much slower and probably cost me more money in the end by making mistakes that I was able to avoid.

One important lesson I got from my training was along the lines of mindset. Our mindset typically comes from a combination of our childhood as well as the influence of those that we hang out with. Tony Robbins has said that we are a combination of the top 5 people who we spend time with. Therefore, our mindset, the way we think, is likely a combination of these people. Think about the top five people that you spend time with. Are they entrepreneurs? Do they have a business mindset? Furthermore, what truly is business mindset?

If your five closest people are entrepreneurs, good for you! You likely already have a lot of the entrepreneur mindset. But likely, you are not surrounded with entrepreneurs in which case you may likely have a lot to learn as far as growth mindset training for business.

Business Tips for Success: Fixing the Mindset

I remember the moment I hired a housecleaner. It was not about NOT wanting to clean the house (although I enjoyed this being taken off of my plate), but instead it was a mindset shift to say if instead of working for those hours, if I put extra hours into my business, I could help more people and make more money than if I did not work those hours because I needed to attend to the necessary chores. This is one SMALL example of a shift that needed to take place in me. This shift was part of what helped me take my business to seven figures.

Do you remember the mindset you had 10 years ago, or 20 years ago? What was important to you back then is likely not as important to you now in many areas of life. This new mindset has evolved with you. BUT, in scaling a business, we are talking about taking your business, and your life to a whole new level. Just like you do not think the same way you did decades ago, the new you in this new life will not think the way that you do now.

Another small piece of a business mindset

Part of having a business mindset involves working on creating the mindset your FUTURE you will have. Take some time to visualize the future you. What do you do to keep up your vision and work? What steps are you taking to ensure that you are taking time for your personal growth, community, and happiness? Start to imagine the day-to-day life of what your future you would do, say, and act. And then put steps into place to think and act the way that person would. This is how you BECOME your future self.

I imagine you have heard the classic definition of insanity. Insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results. To have a future life that you want that is different than the life you have now, you literally must BECOME your future self.

Therefore, part of the business mindset is committing every day to the thoughts and the actions that your future self does. So, if you are trying to 10x your income, what do you think your future self would need to be doing every day to make this happen? This is why the work we do at femme meets fortune is conscious business coaching. We cannot grow our business if we are not also willing to grow ourselves.

Mindset Matters

In fact, mindset makes all the difference in the world to your business (and life) success. Therefore, in my business training courses, I must spend a lot of time teaching you how to have the mindset of a millionaire, the mindset that can conquer, the mindset that is frankly, the BOSS mindset. Register for our Commitment Course where you will learn a wide variety of skills that will help you have the mindset of a successful BOSS.

Having a FEMALE business mindset includes:

Some of the steps to have a business mindset:

Take a moment right now (or schedule a time) to write down the positive things you want to feel about yourself regarding your business. Examples: “I can do hard things”, “I can overcome adversity”, “I have the support and resources I need”, “My work is going to help a lot of people”.

Take a moment every morning to visualize the future you are creating. Make it as real as possible. When you do this, think, and FEEL into the words that you just wrote that you want to feel about yourself.

Write down all the tasks you are doing right now regarding your business. Rate them on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the tasks that are most important for you to do with your skill set. For example, in the medical practice I co-own, I am one of the doctors. So, for me, seeing patients is on a 10 as there are not many people I can easily hire and train for this position. Running and managing the office is lower down as it is a position that is more easily hirable and trainable. See what tasks you can offload right now by either paying someone or realizing that they are not as important as other tasks. Too many times business does not grow because of how entrepreneurs are with doing too many tasks and not focusing mostly on the tasks that specifically involve their skill set.

Analyze who you are hanging out with. Do you have friends that are business owners? If not, it is time to make them. Think about joining a mastermind or an online business support group. Remember the people you hang around with directly influence your mindset. If you do not have friends in the entrepreneur space, work on making them. Meet up is sometimes a good way of finding a community.

Find a COACH and get some training. Seriously ladies, this is the fastest way to grow your business is to hire someone who is in front of you with their growth and having them teach you what they know. This has been the biggest source of my growth and I continue to have mentors and coaches in my life.

If you are looking for a coach and business training, check out my work at the link below. It is important to find the right fit, so I encourage you to read about my coaching approach and if it feels right, sign up. If it doesn’t, research and find someone that does!

The biggest thing is practice watching your thoughts & seeing the ones that are helping move you forward and the others that are keeping you lost in the drama in your head. And there may be good reason for that drama, but the more attention we give it, the more it will grow, and the more it grows the more emotionally imbalanced we often become.

Work on being aware of what thoughts go through your head that make you feel happy, that make you feel like you have an amazing purpose, that make you feel like you will be successful and work on having more of those thoughts. This honestly is one of the fastest ways of improving your female self-confidence.

And like I said, sometimes a coach can support your growth faster.

Your mind can be your greatest tool or your worse enemy. The faster you can reign it in and control your thoughts (yes this can be taught), the brighter and bigger this tool can be.

Check out who we help and what we do on our home page HERE.

Want more business tips for success? The Commitment Course is HERE! Sign Up Today!

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