Online Courses: Training in Business for Female Entrepreneurs

Why do we focus on Female Entrepreneurs? 

As a doctor who specializes in working with women, 

I have see the difference in the way testosterone versus estrogen impact the brain. 

These hormones dramatically influence where blood flows to the brain, 

which impacts how we make decisions, evaluate information and handle stress. 

Because of this, it also impacts the unique ways that females excel in business,

 as well as the unique strategies that she needs to do to prevent overwhelm.

This is business training that is specific to the brain of the female entrepreneur.


Do you have a specific plan that is actionable that is designed to help you meet your business and life goals?

Do you have a system for analyzing the plan and knowing if you are on track or not?

Do you know when  (specifically based upon data/numbers) to hire employees, who to hire and how to stop doing everything?

These are examples of what we teach in the clarity course. Click Below for More Information.


Do you understand the science of productivity?

Do you know how to make the most of your most valuable asset in business (your time)?

Do you have the mindset of a leader?

Do you take radical responsibility?  (meaning look at the area of your own responsibility) when something goes wrong with your business or employee?

This course is to help you gain the mindset of a high impact female entrepreneur. Click Below.


Are you taking time to set pleasure goals to balance your overwhelm?

Are you working from your heart/intuition or mostly your head?

Do you have the confidence you need to get on stage and speak and to do other challenging things in business?

This course is designed to support your inner growth, recover from imposter syndrome, poverty mindset and other self-limiting beliefs. 

Click below for more information.

How Do You Know That You're Ready to Invest in Business Training?

1. You are experiencing slow or no growth in your business and may even be losing money.

2. You have either abundance in time or financial resources, but lack in one of the two.

3. You are passionate about your offering and desire for more people to discover it.

4. Your current approach isn’t generating desired results and you need new ideas to fix it.

5. You struggle with consistency and require accountability to stay on track.

6. You feel isolated in your business journey and crave interaction with others.

We recommend most people start with our clarity course, move onto our commitment course and then do the confidence course.

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