Unlock your full business potential
as an entrepreneur with training designed
for the woman who wants....

To Attain Her Goals
Without Sacrificing Her Pleasure

Achieving business success doesn’t have to mean sacrificing pleasure,
your well being, or your relationships.

Female Entrepreneur Coach

We help women who are burning the candle
at both ends trying to make it all work.

The first step in working with us is through application.
The application will help us understand what your needs are. Once we understand this, we will send you a follow-up email with our recommendations that we believe would best help you meet your goals.

We Specialize In Helping Female Entrepreneurs
Scale Their Online Businesses

At Femme Meets Fortune, we believe that prosperity is not only about financial success, but rather the ability to achieve one’s aspirations and dreams. We are committed to supporting our community in reaching their goals, and through giving back to organizations that empower women, we hope to help create a brighter future for everyone. Ultimately, our goal is to help you attain your own unique definition of prosperity and success.

Ready To Get the Success You Were Born to Have?
We Can Help You!


  1. 1. Struggling to find balance between work and personal life, especially with the added pressure of family responsibilities?
  3. 2. Feeling discouraged and defeated when searching for funding to grow your business and make your dreams a reality?
  5. 3. Battling against gender-based biases and discrimination in a male-dominated industry?
  7. 4.Overcoming self-doubt and the constant fear of being exposed as a fraud?
  9. 5. Juggling the financial stress of managing the finances of your business and ensuring its survival?
  11. 6. Feeling overwhelmed and alone while trying to network and market your business in a crowded marketplace?
  13. 7. Dealing with the physical and emotional toll of running a business and the constant pressure to succeed?
  15. 8. Feeling uncertain and intimidated about hiring and managing employees?
  17. 9. Sick of sacrificing pleasure for the tasks that have to get done?
  19. 10. Keeping up with the fast pace of change in your industry, while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance and avoiding burnout?

Are you a new entrepreneur looking for some insider tips and strategies from another female entrepreneur with years of proven success building her business?

Coach for female entrepreneurs

Learn the tools that will help you capitalize your time & gain confidence in scaling your business, such as software to help with bookkeeping, effective marketing strategies, & insight into improving decision making.

Receive prompts to set goals for both business and pleasure.
Learn to stay on track with defining your vision and pursuing it. 

Learn what you need to do be able to save time, stress, and money.

Are you ready to make a change in your business?
Are you ready to take action?

What Our Clients are Saying

Dr. Francesca Quinn

“Being an overwhelmed business owner, it was difficult for me to both see the specific problems in my business as well as the best way to solve them. Dr. Diamond provided laser focus for determining where the inefficiencies were. Working with her helped me put systems into place that save me time, prevent overwhelm for both me and my staff and has allowed me to better focus on what I do best – making money and seeing clients. Working with her is a must for female entrepreneurs!”

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