Online Business Mentor:

The Femme Meets Fortune Mastermind

Want an online business mentor? Join an exclusive circle of selected female entrepreneurs who are similar enough to understand where you have been and different enough to support you in where you want to go.

We are a composition of those in our inner circle. This is why the Femme Meets Fortune Mastermind is available via explorative application and interview only.

What You Will Get:

• A newfound ability to discern between what tasks in your business are important and what you can let go of for now.
• A vast grasp on how to decipher where to spend your time and prevent overwhelm.
• A community of women that are at different places in their business for support
• A deeper competence in approaching your business through accessing your pleasure centers
Support with development of systems so you can automate your business and your life
Clear perception on how to evaluate your marketing tactics for what is working
Analysis of your business for its true ability to generate the life you want

How You Will Get It:

The masterminds are 6-month commitments with the ability to renew.

There are three mastermind options each centered around a theme. When you have your interview, we will talk about where you are at in your business and recommend which theme to start with.

Themes of Masterminds:

Clarity: Designed for the female entrepreneur who most needs help with developing better systems, automating her business, and understanding how to analyze her business for what is most important for her time.

Commitment: Created for the female entrepreneur who needs help with the mindset of a wildly successful entrepreneur. To get to where you want to go, you need to think, believe, and act like the woman of your future. We focus on how to do this in this mastermind.

Confidence: Your success is directly tied to how many different types of situations you can show up to confidently. Good on the phone, but not on stage? Good on stage, but can’t write? Obtain a greater ability to show up confident to a variety of situations. Confidence is directly related to how much we feel embodied into our feminine pleasure. Discover how to blossom your business through more deeply connecting to your pleasure.

Each of the Masterminds are Designed to:

• Two sessions a month for 6 months of group calls (total of 12 calls)
• Access to the course content that is correlated with the mastermind (either clarity, commitment, or confidence).
• Spotlight time where you can present your problem to the group for solutions and specific ideas.
• Connect you to a community of supportive entrepreneurs with similar values but different skillsets.
• Provide you specific steps in an exact order of how to magnify your business

This is for Women Who Love ...

• A challenge
• To grow
• A life full of pleasure
• A business that fills them up and turns them on
• To enjoy their days
• To provide a beautiful culture for others to work at
• Financial Freedom

AND for Women that are Willing...

• To put in effort to get to where they want to go
• To work to get a better future
• To explore and update their own thoughts and beliefs
• To breakthrough their growth edge

Ready to Show Up to Your Future You?

Want an online business mentor? Have you applied/interviewed yet?

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and ready to move forward with an online business mentor and mastermind?

Email us if you feel you want to start with clarity, commitment, or the confidence mastermind at [email protected]

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