Confidence Express Course: Blossom into Being

Want to learn more about “how do businesses grow”? We need to start with our answer to that question with this study: A KPMG Women’s Leadership study showed that 67% of women said they needed more confidence to be a leader. Another study by HP found that men will ask for promotions when they feel like they reach 60% of the qualifications but women will not ask unless they meet 100% of the qualifications. These stats were just from 2016.

This problem exists due to a variety of factors including social programming around women living up to be the non-existent “perfect woman” as well as many other factors. Our work at Femme Meets Fortune is to help women get out of this vicious trap. Business grow for many reasons. But a core reason is that the leader has the confidence in a variety of areas to overcome challenges. To see more of our offerings about how to grow your business go HERE.

How do businesses grow? Our Confidence Express Course does just that. It is an accelerated track to enhance your confidence and help your business grow. Become a better leader. Become more embodied. Become who you are meant to be.

Lesson 1: Confidence Vs Intuition

Learn about the subtle differences between confidence, intuition, and fear.
Learn how misplaced fear can get in the way of your confidence and success.

Lesson 2: Your Fully Embodied Woman

Your pleasure center is directly tied into your success.  Your pleasure center is there to help you know when you are fully present and embodied. Learn more about how to evoke your pleasure center and use it to magnify your confidence.

Lesson 3: The Femme Business Archetypes (Part 1)

There are 12 Femme Business Archetypes that we all have inside of us. Most of us tend to connect with only a few of these 12. When we learn about how to wake up all these internal archetypes, we improve our ability to respond confidently to anything that comes up.
We will cover the first 6 archetypes here.

Lesson 4: The Femme Business Archetypes (Part 2)

We will cover the second 6 Femme Business Archetypes here as well as how to maximize the skills of what you are natural in and strengthen the qualities that you are weaker in! Building confidence in part comes from understanding our strengths and weakness and developing ourselves more fully.

Lesson 5: Confidence and The 5 Sexual Types

Just like with the Femme Business Archetypes (F.B.A.), we have various sexual types. While we all have preferences, “trying on” and playing with other styles can awaken parts of our sensuality and allow us to feel more embodied and powerful.
Learn more about how to awaken all of these sexual styles and how this is connected to confidence and leadership.

Lesson 6: Conscious Communication

We will cover the second 6 Femme Business Archetypes here as well as how to maximize the skills of what you are natural in and strengthen the qualities that you are weaker in!

Lesson 7: Being a Leader and Imposter Syndrome

You have likely heard (and possibly overheard) the term imposter syndrome. It is easy to feel “fake” when you do not have confidence in the truth of your value. Learn the science behind WHY we get imposter syndrome and what you can do to make your imposter syndrome work for you.

Lesson 8: A Healthy You is a Wealthy You

It is much easier to be a strong and powerful leader if you feel strong and powerful inside. What helps the body and brain to function at maximum capacity? How do you fuel your inside, so you radiate outside?
Learn how to improve your energy and cognitive function, to become the leader that you already are.

Lesson 9: Too Much Is Your Superpower

Have you been told you are too much of something? Usually when we are told this, it is because someone is naming something that is UNIQUE about us. What makes us unique is also our superpower. Using this superpower if part of how to build confidence.
Learn how to turn your “too much” into the thing that sets you apart and helps others see you.

Lesson 10: Practicing Confidence

Want to get better at something? The path to more confidence is…. Practicing confidence. Developing into a more confident woman is like any other skill, it takes practice. Learn how one practices and develops the skill of more confidence and while developing higher levels of self esteem.

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